September 19, 2014

20 things you may encounter in the Melville House booth at the Brooklyn Book Festival


Visit Melville House’s booth #805-806 at the Brooklyn Book Festival, this Sunday, 9/21 from 10:00 to 6:00, to encounter the following:

1. Books for sale, at shockingly good prices

2. Our staff enthusiastically selling those books

3. Art of the Novellas and Neversinks in a never-ending battle for the Best Looking Small Trim Paperback Supremacy

4. 0.8 miles of extension cord (per Google Maps)

5. Almost enough bubble wrap

6. Slavoj Zizek’s non-union Brooklyn equivalent

7. Enough packing tape to restrain the books if they get agitated

8. One last bottle of Pappy Van Winkle 20 Yr Reserve

It's all we drink. (Image via Wikipedia)

It’s all we drink. (Image via Wikipedia)

9. A tiny blue house that, when set upon your head, announces which borough you’re to be Sorted into (and this is final so no whining)

10. A machine that melts Amazon gift cards into ploughshares

11. An advance screener of Melville House Author Photoshoots: The Outtakes

12. Locally sourced iPad batteries

13. Custom-made Dr. Scholl’s insoles, the secret formula of which we can’t reveal except to say it’s carbon nanotubes

14. The Tesla coil we used to bring the Novel back from the dead

15. The definition of “scrivener” (not what you think)

16. Knausgaard repellent (hmm…)

17. Colophon gun (fully loaded)

18. A Bluetooth speaker blasting the entirety of Mastodon’s Leviathan on shuffle/repeat

19. The answers, all of the answers

20. A song-and-dance number featuring every New York small press, complete with 72-piece orchestra, pyrotechnics, Espresso book machine solo, and audience splash zone


Liam O'Brien is the Sales & Marketing Manager at Melville House, and a former bookseller.