December 7, 2015

Ask a bookseller—our very own Michael Bible, author of Sophia



Michael Bible wearing a fancy hat.

In life, there are always big questions. But where can you find the big answers? From your local indie bookseller, of course! In this monthly feature, some of our favorite booksellers will answer those questions we know you’re all dying to ask.

This month’s guest is Michael Bible, formerly of Square Books in Oxford, MS. Michael is also the author of Sophia, which goes on sale tomorrow—and if you pre-order now, you’re eligible to receive a free gift from the book’s main character. Click here for the details!

What’s your mantra? 
I forgot my mantra.

Your greatest extravagance?
High octane marijuana candies, strong coffee, weird naps.

Favorite size of book?
One that fits in my back pocket.

Favorite sandwich?
Peanut Butter and banana.

The sound that you hate the most?
The way Yankees say “lawyer.”

Favorite last name of an author?

The book all teenagers should read?
Waiting for Godot. To prepare them for the impending absurdity of adulthood.

If you could only play one album on repeat all day long in the store, the full 12-ish hours of the day, what would it be?
Sweetheart of the Rodeo never gets old in bookstores. But I’ve found people really like 1970’s funk from Ethiopia regardless of age.

What, in your opinion, is a book?
A strange theorem on the possibility of a human soul despite suffering.

Book(s) most frequently stolen from your bookstore? 
Always Bukowski.

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