Dan O'Connor

Dan O'Connor is the Managing Editor of Melville House.

Fifty Shades of Gray?

A copyeditor, or proofreader, reading the headline above, would need to pause — if he or she has even an average awareness of the flotsam of American culture, the oneRead more »

The Avenue Reads

Thousands of Tunisians crowded the heart of the capital yesterday, occupying Habib Bourguiba Avenue in a silent demonstration dubbed “The Avenue Reads.” A Facebook page created for the event explains:Read more »

House Band

“As I grew older, my friendships formed through a shared sense of disgust with our peers and our world, and a desire to find something of intrinsic value. Music wasRead more »

Big in Japan

Forty-five years ago Oxford University Press published the first edition of William H. McNeill’s survey, A World History. It’s still in print. Now in its fourth edition, the book hasRead more »