Dan O'Connor

Dan O'Connor is the Managing Editor of Melville House.

Hail & Farewell, Alexander Pushkin

Among the many abstractions abandoned by modernity and rarely confronted in cosmopolitan, “First World” settings like the one I’m self-congratulatingly writing from, if you will allow that unfashionable designation (especiallyRead more »

Happy Birthday, Charles Dodgson

On this date, January 27, the eminent mathematician and Fellow of Christ Church college, Oxford, Charles Lutwidge Dodgson was born in 1832. He is the distinguished author of An Elementary1 / Read more »

Not Beloved in the Heartland

In December, Plymouth-Canton Community Schools (Plymouth, Michigan) Superintendent Jeremy M. Hughes removed Toni Morrison’s Pulitzer-Prize-winning novel, Beloved and Graham Swift’s Booker-shortlisted Waterland from the high-school curriculum after a complaint from1 / Read more »

Other things to do with books

The veneration of books has always laid traps for the reckless and unwary, and it has frequently mutated into perversity. Many young lovers of books, for instance, have awakened toRead more »

Please form an orderly, single-file line

In a fundraising email sent to supporters yesterday, presidential candidate Michele Bachmann offered signed copies of her forthcoming memoir, Core of Conviction, My Story. A stampede ensued as bibliophiles, collectors,1 / Read more »

Kindles are convenient

One of the “most viewed” stories still on today’s Los Angeles Times Opinion webpage was published last Friday, June 17th. “Kindle vs. books: The dead trees society” is its title,12 / Read more »

The Book Bus Is Coming

Jennifer Frances began distributing free books to school-age children in her native Tampa almost a decade ago. In 2010, sponsored by Florida-based Transitions Optical, and a host of other donorsRead more »