Kevin Murphy

Kevin Murphy is the digital media marketing manager of Melville House.

Whale words

The word “whale” occurs 1,685 times in Herman Melville’s Moby-Dick. “Elijah” is there 15 times, “Ahab” 512, and “harpoon” 256 times. I know this not from dutiful reading, but becauseRead more »

These tweets are not publishable

A statement on Teri Buhl’s Twitter profile claims that “No Tweets are Publishable.” Buhl, an investigative journalist covering finance and Wall Street, is now threatening to sue a lawyer forRead more »

LISTEN: Walter Kaufmann on Nietzsche

Via Open Culture, here’s a recording of Walter Kaufmann delivering a lecture at Princeton titled “Nietzsche and the Crisis in Philosophy” in 1960. Kaufmann, a renowned scholar who championed FriedrichRead more »

Graywolf Press needs a new website

Graywolf Press, the Minneapolis-based nonprofit publisher of Linda Gregg, Jane Kenyon, D.A. Powell, Tomas Transtromer, among many others, is seeking funding for a new website. The press is asking forRead more »