Kevin Murphy

Kevin Murphy is the digital media marketing manager of Melville House.

Finnegans Wake: Huge in China

Imagine the consternation translator Dai Congrong felt when she came across the following passage in James Joyce’s notoriously baffling Finnegans Wake: “What clashes here of wills gen wont, oystrygods gagginRead more »

That’s why they call it a trend

Chris Hughes, co-founder of Facebook and recently minted (he bought it) publisher of The New Republic, made headlines this weekend when he introduced TNR’s redesign. Now sporting a revamped websiteRead more »

Feds see red, seize funds from book

David Axe is a freelance reporter and author of the graphic novel Army of God, which details the aggressive and violent exploits of Joseph Kony, the leader of Central Africa’s Lord’s ResistanceRead more »