October 1, 2014

Behind the scenes with Erato, the hardest-working dog in publishing


Melville House's newest employee.

Melville House’s newest employee.

Book publishing is a famously mysterious industry, and the publication process itself is full of steps and layers that often remain unknown to the general public. But at a meeting earlier this week, our newest editor, Mr. Erato “LaRou” Poodlington, made it clear that under his reign, transparency would be a priority. “Readers must know what we do,” he barked. “Only by explaining the hidden processes that make up our day to day lives will we be able to convey the full utility of book publishing to the masses.” We were thrilled about Erato’s enthusiasm, and when we asked him to be the figurehead of Operation Transparency, he agreed. Without further ado, here’s his report on just what happens on an average day at the offices of Melville House.