November 25, 2014

Belle & Sebastian cofounder to publish YA novels


753px-StuartAuthorPic_warmStuart David, a former member of the Scottish indie-pop band Belle & Sebastian, has signed a two book deal with Hot Key Books, a London-based publisher of young adult and children titles.

David co-founded Belle & Sebastian with his friend Stuart Murdoch, in 1996. Murdoch handled the songwriting responsibilities, and David played the bass guitar. David contributed to Belle & Sebastian for several EPs and full length albums, including If You’re Feeling Sinister, and The Boy with the Arab Strap, which are widely considered to be two of the band’s best records.

In the year 2000 David left Belle and Sebastian to work on his own music (under the name Looper), and his writing.

Already having a few books under his belt, David has turned to young adult fiction for his latest endeavor. The first book is titled Jackdaw and the Randoms, and is set for publication in November, 2015. The novel follows spacy teenager Jack Dawson, who has ambitious dreams to build an app that would prevent its user from getting in trouble for daydreaming at school. The only thing is, he has no idea how to build an app, and the one person he knows who does, is Elsie Green, a social outcast.

Details for the second book have yet to be released, but will also feature Jack Dawson.

In addition to these two books, David has also completed a memoir, In the All Night Cafe, which Abacus Publishing will put out in April, 2015.