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A Man Lies Dreaming

**Winner of the Jerwood Fiction Uncovered Prize**

**Finalist for the IMPAC Dublin Literary Award**

A noir thriller with a twist and a Holocaust novel infused with the spirit of shund—the dark Israeli pulp fiction that thrived in the years after World War II—the British Fantasy Award-shortlisted A Man Lies Dreaming is a radical literary experiment that brings alternate history to life. Lavie Tidhar has reimagined the rainy, atmospheric energy of London in the 1930s, and the troubled private detective with an unspeakable secret who roams its streets. As A Man Lies Dreaming unfolds and more of its mysteries come to the surface, we find ourselves drawn into a novel at once gripping and profoundly unsettling.

LAVIE TIDHAR is the World Fantasy Award winning author of The Violent Century, Osama, and many other works. He won the British Fantasy Award for Best Novella and was nominated for the BSFA, Campbell, Sturgeon, Kitschie Red Tentacle, and Sidewise awards. He grew up on a kibbutz in Israel and in South Africa but currently resides in London.

”A twisted masterpiece . . . A Holocaust novel like no other, Lavie Tidhar’s A Man Lies Dreaming comes crashing through the door of literature like Sam Spade with a .38 in his hand. This is a shocking book as well as a rather brilliant one.” The Guardian

”Readers may quickly get used to being ashamed of their laughter, but they may find it more unsettling to discover that their compassion feels equally transgressive . . . Weird, upsetting, unmissable.” Telegraph

(★★★★★) ”Masterful.” Strange Horizons

”A sort of Holocaust noir or pulp that is at once as riveting as it is disturbing . . . There is eloquence and gravitas in the sparselness and brevity of noir fiction when it is good, and Tidhar’s is quite incredible.”