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Divine Destruction

Wise Use, Dominion Theology, and the Making of American Environmental Policy

The story that Stephenie Hendricks has uncovered affects the entire globe. In Divine Destruction, she charts important connections between Wise Use—a rabidly anti-environmental philosophy—and dominion theologists—far-right Christian ideologues who believe that there is no reason to protect the environment given the imminence of the Second Coming of Christ. But this collaboration also reaches all the way to the Bush administration, whose environmental policies are deeply influenced by dominionist thinking.

Divine Destruction is an in-depth look at the radical remaking of American environmental policy already underway—in terrifying secret.

STEPHENIE HENDRICKS is an Emmy-winning broadcast journalist with a 35-year career in mainstream and progressive media. She has worked for ABC Radio, CBS TV San Francisco, and most recently as a Pacifica Radio producer.