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Lady Susan

Part of The Art of the Novella

Thus high-spirited tale, told through and exchange of letters, is unique in Jane Austen’s small body of work. It is the story of Lady Susan, a brilliant, beautiful and morally reprehensible coquette who delights in making men fall in love with her, deceiving their wives into friendship and even tormenting her own daughter, cruelly bending her to her will.

Austen clearly delighted in her wicked heroine — tracing Lady Susan’s maneuverings to remarry yet continue on with her lover, and to marry off her young daughter, with great wit, zest and unfailing panache.

JANE AUSTEN was an English author whose novels of manners capture, with an early realism, the social forces of the day. Acknowledged as a master of the form, her novels, including Sense and Sensibility, Emma, and Pride and Prejudice, are still widely admired today.

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