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Missing Soluch

Translated by Kamran Rastegar

Perhaps the most important work in modern Iranian literature, this starkly beautiful novel examines the trials of an impoverished woman and her children living in a remote village in Iran, after the unexplained disappearance of her husband, Soluch.

Lyrical yet unsparing, the novel examines her life as she contends with the political corruption, authoritarianism, and poverty of the village. it follows her vacillations between love for Soluch and anger at his absence, and her struggle to raise her children without their father.

The novel critically evokes the unfulfilled aspirations of modern Iran — portraying a society caught between a past and a future that seem equally weighed down by injustice.

This landmark novel — the first ever written in the everyday language of the Iranian people — revolutionized Persian literature in its beautiful and daring portrayal of the life of a marginal woman and her struggle to survive.

Mahmoud Dowlatabadi is one of his generation’s most important writers. The author of numerous novels, plays and screenplays, he is a leading proponent of social and artistic freedom in contemporary Iran. His revered artistic stature has protected him from death threats and persecution by the government, and he continues to be one of Iran’s most prolific and beloved writers. This is his first novel translated in English. He lives in Tehran.

“Beautifully and incisively rendered, and imbued throughout with hope.”Publishers Weekly

“There are some brilliantly tough pieces of writing…[The original’s] vigour comes through in translation.”Times Literary Supplement

“Brings East of Eden to mind… Dowlatabadi knows a world that has seldom overlapped with the modern novel.”The New York Sun

“Dowlatabadi has created a masterpiece.”Words Without Borders


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