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More Beer


Translated by Anselm Hollo

Part of Melville International Crime

Wisecracking PI Kemal Kayankaya cares more about sausage and beer than politics, but when he’s hired to defend four eco-terrorists charged with murdering a chemical plant owner he finds himself stuck in the middle of Germany’s culture wars. It doesn’t take long for Kayankaya to realize that the whole situation stinks and that both the Left and the Right have blood on their hands. And is the fiery journalist Carla Reedermann dogging his steps because she smells a story, or is she after something more?

A hardboiled noir in the Chandler tradition that also provides a wry critique of contemporary racial and environmental politics, More Beer shows why Jakob Arjouni’s series of Kayankaya novels has become a bestselling international sensation.

JAKOB ARJOUNI was born in Frankfurt, Germany in 1964, the son of acclaimed German playwright Hans Gunter Michelson. He has written numerous books, including the novel Magic Hoffmann, which was shortlisted for the IMPAC Award. But it is his series of four mysteries featuring Turkish immigrant detective Kemal Kayankaya—all of which are being published by Melville House— for which he has become best known. Bestsellers throughout Europe and the winner of the German Thriller Prize, they have also been turned into wildly popular movies in his home country. Arjouni now divides his time between Berlin and Languedoc, France.

“Kemal Kayankaya is the ultimate outsider among hard-boiled private eyes.”—Marilyn Stasio, The New York Times Book Review

“This true hardboiled detective fiction, realistic, violent and occasionally funny, with a hero who lives up to the best traditions of the genre.”—The Telegraph (UK)


“A pitch-black noir.”—La Depeche (France)

“Arjouni tells real-life stories, and he tells them so well, with such flexible dialogue and cleverly maintained tension, that it is impossible to put his books down.”—El Pais (Spain)

“A worthy grandson of Marlowe and Spade.”—Der Stern (Germany) 


“A zippy, deliciously dirty tour of legal fleshpots and low-down scams victimizing illegal aliens…Plotted with verve and written with passion.”—Kirkus

“Sets a high standard for the crime novel as the best of modern literature.”—The Independent (UK)


“This lively, gripping book sets a high standard for the crime novel as the best of modern literature.”—The Independent (UK)

“If you like your investigators tough and sassy, Kayankaya is your guide.”—Sunday Times of London

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