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Nothing Serious

Stylish, intelligent, and often scathingly funny, Nothing Seriousis an unblinking portrayal of the search for self amidst the reckless glamorization of love.

Vain about their young love, Louise and her husband Adrien used to laugh about the way he couldn’t pass a mirror without looking. But when he deserts Louise for a famous model she’s devastated, and forced to confront those vanities – his and her own. Meanwhile, life goes on regardless, making Louise feel all the more guilty about the melodrama her life has become.

With her privileged circumstances as the daughter of one of Europe’s most famous writers only complicating things further, she gathers her painkillers around her, unleashes her ruthless sense of honesty, and – with lacerating relish – tries to unravel why her marriage failed…and whether a sane person should try such a thing again.

Nothing Serious won universal praise from critics upon its release in Europe, selling over 200,000 copies and knocking The Da Vinci Code out of the number one position on bestseller lists.

JUSTINE LÉVY first novel, The Rendezvous, published when she was nineteen, was praised by critics in New York and Paris, where she was hailed as the next Francoise Sagan. Lévy is an editor at Editions Stock, one of France’s leading publishing houses, and she is the daughter of the philosopher Bernard-Herni Lévy. She lives in Paris.