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The Late Lord Byron

A Biography

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Of the hundreds of books on Byron and his work, not one has been devoted to the immediate aftermath of his life; and yet it is these first twenty posthumous years that yield the most unexpected and exciting discoveries about the character of the poet and the behavior of those who once surrounded him—wife, sister, friends, enemies.

With the burning of his memoirs almost as soon as news of his death reach England in May 1924, there began the sequence of impassioned controversies that have followed one another like the links in a chain ever since. What sort of man was the begetter of these dramas? Unflagging in energy and acumen, Doris Langley Moore sifts the various witnesses, their motives and credentials, and not only reveals how much questionable evidence has been accepted but develops a corrected picture that appeals and persuades.

Drawing upon a large amount of unpublished material, from the Lovelace Papers, Murray manuscripts, and Hobhouse archives, she reaches the conclusion that, as to his chroniclers, a great man has too often fallen among thieves. The story she tells needs no special knowledge of Byron. It is written for everyone who enjoys literary detective work and human drama.

As a scholar of Lord George Gordon Byron, DORIS LANGLEY MOORE (1902–1989) is also the author of The Great Byron AdventureLord ByronLord Byron: Accounts Rendered, and a biography of the poet’s daughter, Ada, Countess of Lovelace.

“A massive triumph of literary scholarship . . . with awesome industry and remorseless detail…. She has checked dates, exposed lies and exaggerations, analyzed characters and speculated about motives.”—The New York Times

“A volume filled with drama and wit, perceptive and penetrating character analysis, as well as acute literary detection.” —Robert R. Kirsch, Los Angeles Times