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The Not Gatsby Bundle

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All everyone can talk about this weekend is GatsbyGatsby this, Gatsby that. Did you see Tobey Maguire? OMG!!1!!1!!

But there’s so much more to the world than green lights and rowing against the current. And there’s more to Fitzgerald than Gatsby.

With this in mind, we’re offering the “Not Gatsby Bundle,” which includes two short works by the American master and one about him for a low, low price. Even better, each bundle comes with a money-back guarantee that it contains absolutely zero copies of The Great Gatsby!  

May Day by F. Scott Fitzgerald 

May Day is the rawest political commentary Fitzgerald ever wrote—there won’t be a 3D movie of this one anytime soon—and it’s perhaps the most desperate works in his oeuvre. It is a tale of the brutalities of the American class system—of privileged college boys, soldiers returned from a bloody war, and a group of intellectual leftwing journalists, all coming into confrontation in the heart of New York City on May Day at the end of World War I. (Read more about the book HERE.)


The Diamond As Big As The Ritz by F. Scott Fitzgerald

One of Fitzgerald’s best-loved tales, this novella stands out from his body of work. A playful yet sinister fairy tale, it brilliantly fuses F. Scott Fitzgerald’s ongoing lush fantasies about the extremes of wealth with his much more somber understanding of what underpins it. (Read more about the book HERE.)


College of One by Sheilah Graham

The moving story of how F. Scott Fitzgerald—washed up, alcoholic and ill—dedicated himself to devising a heartfelt course in literature for the woman he loved. This memoir has it all: Jealousy! Turmoil! Hollywood! Proust! No Gatsby!

In sum that’s three books—a $36 value for $28.