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The Secret History of the English Language

According to Harper:
1. English does not derive from Anglo-Saxon.
2. French, Italian, and Spanish did not descend from Latin.
3. Middle English is a wholly imaginary language created by well-meaning by deluded academics.

And that’s just the beginning! Part revisionist history, part treatise on the real origins of English, and part impassioned argument against staid academe, The Secret History of the English Language is essential reading for language lovers, history buffs, Anglophiles, and anyone who has ever thought twice about what they’ve learned in school.

M.J. HARPER operates various websites that deconstruct academic paradigms. He lives in London. This is his first book.

“Best re-writing of history since 1066 and All That.” Fortean Times

“Fascinating and deeply learned… I read it twice.” —Norman F. Cantor, Professor Emeritus, Medieval Studies, Columbia University

”Unusual, funny, and provocative…. This fascinating book is a useful investigation into the ways in which history is constructed and the dangers of unassailable academic truths.” New Statesman

“The most outrageous book I’ve ever read!” —John Michell, The Oldie