April 12, 2011

"Chaos. It’s like the opening of Saving Private Ryan, but with guacamole" — David Rees recaps America’s Next Great Restaurant


David Rees wearing a shirt with kale in its pocket

Yesterday I blogged about a future Melville House author Leigh Stein and her wittily poetic take on Reality TV. Today, I’d like to highlight another Melville House author and his literary relationship to Reality TV.

Over at New York Magazine‘s “Grub Street,” former political cartoonist and current artisanal pencil sharpener David Rees is providing show-by-show, minute-by-minute, extensive commentary on the Reality  America’s Next Top Restaurant. His first America’s Next Great Restaurant recap begins “America is crazy about food. Some of us eat it every day.” The delightful nonsense, pointed insight, and genius non-sequiturs have been coming ever since. I urge you to attend. As LAURALOU, one of Ree’s many fan-commenters, writes:

LOVE your commentary! I’m addicted to shows like Top Chef, Chopped, and now of course, ANGR, and your splendily on target commentary makes me feel better for the hobby. Of course, it helps that some of your comments make my own (in front of my four sons, co-watching with me) seem like at least I have a half foot on the grace note of cultural relevancy.