December 7, 2012

Country doctors and an amazing Kafka animation


Hey you! Got twenty minutes? You probably won’t find a better way to spend them than watching this amazing Japanese animation of Kafka’s A Country Doctor:

On the subject of country doctors, readers of MobyLives will know that we’re about to publish Mikhail Bulgakov’s A Country Doctor’s Notebook. It’s the first book by twentieth-century Russia’s greatest writer, it was translated by the formidable Michael Glenny, it’s definitely not for the fainthearted but it is an incredible and often brutal snapshot of a country on the brink of revolution and a writer discovering his talents. Oh, and did we mention that Jon Hamm and Daniel Radcliffe are huge fans? They’ve just starred in a four-part TV adaptation of the book, the first installment of which was screened in the UK on Wednesday.

Check it out as soon as your eyes have stopped crying tears of Kafka-inspired joy.




Ellie Robins is an editor at Melville House. Previously, she was managing editor of Hesperus Press.