June 13, 2012

Day in Review


The short story is not a test run for the novel

Dave Tomkins remembers Ray Bradbury and the end of the world

Alan Furst’s historical fiction

UVA President abruptly resigns

The drawings of Sylvia Plath

Tina Brown almost put Obama in a hoodie

Vain hypochondriac, antisemetic, misogynistic, but hey, Isherwood was one helluva guy!

“And strangers were as brothers to his clocks”

Kind hitchhiking author shot while hitchhiking

Paul Krugman disses Sam Tanenhaus

Indie book award winners

Amazon’s 70% royalty option doesn’t include delivery fees

At long last: Van Halen hardcover encyclopedia is coming

New scientific journal platform allows authors to publish over a lifetime

Kevin Murphy is the digital media marketing manager of Melville House.