December 8, 2010

Day in Review


Atlantic editors favorite books of 2010

Words, Words, Words

Philip Larkin would have loved this

More press for against Amazon

Great SNL booktrailer

5 under 35

Could it be that Americans are more than willing to read books in translation and are sick of being told otherwise by publishers?

Very cool  literature posters

Bookstore publisher joint venture news overshadowed by Google eBookstore

Most powerful book reviewer in America writes review in the voice of a cartoon dog — this is not a link to the Onion

Awww…. Amazon had Google envy

First post-Assange-arrest Wikileaks book announced

Michael Chabon doing work

I mean really….what an incredible brain the man had

Fishman just needs to start a publishing company already and fix the whole damn system

If this is about Jesus having children Dan Brown is a prophet