February 14, 2012

SLIDESHOW: Are dachshunds the most artful of dogs?


Nabokov admired one. Chekhov cuddled with one. E.B. White wrote poetry to them. Gary Shteyngart tweets about one.

(Also: Warhol had two. Picasso drew one.)

At The New York Daily News‘s Page Views blog, Alexander Nazaryan makes an inspired case that “no dog has been more widely loved by writers and artists than the dachshund.”

Perhaps the most feline of all dogs in its temperament, the dachshund is the perfect writing companion: sensitive, complex and, above all, thoughtful….They are thinking, pensive creatures. And like writers, they can be both prissy and stubborn, selfish and saturnine. Given its elongated back, the dachshund has a fragile constitution – an artistic constitution, one might say….Perhaps what has attracted all these writers to the dachshund is its inate inquisitiveness: low to the ground, with an excellent nose and a propensity to burrow (the dachshund was originally bred to hunt badgers), the dachshund is eternally curious about the world. Like any great writer, it has an ineradicable desire to always dig deeper – for badgers, for sublime truth.