December 8, 2011

Ryan Gosling sure loves librarians


We just came across the Tumblr Hey girl. I like the library too and the earnest text accompanying a series of photos of heartthrob Ryan Gosling are making us cry tears of joy. Tears, we say! An entry on December 5th reads, “Hey girl. You know how sometimes you would rather read books than be around actual people? I feel the same way sometimes… Never about you, though, girl.” Librarians, is this what you dream of during your downtime? We suspect so, even as you’re filing away yet another copy of The Notebook as worthier titles get ignored. (Question: how many times has someone asked for a Melville House book? We have lots, you know!) Another favorite: “Hey girl. I would never ask you to circumvent the holds list to get me a popular new book first. I don’t mind waiting for a good thing.” He’s so good-natured, isn’t he? Librarians, now that we know that you dream of watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer with Mr. Gosling, what other secrets do you hold? Let us know in the comments section below.