April 11, 2013

Announcing Edward Jay Epstein’s Unsolved Crime Q&A


Starting next week, prize-winning investigative reporter Edward Jay Epstein will speak to true crime fans and conspiracy enthusiasts around the globe through a series of interactive online video chats discussing some of history’s most intriguing unsolved crimes, which are the topic of his recent book, The Annals of Unsolved Crime.

The first chat—on the Lincoln assassination—kicks off on Tuesday at 5pm EST. Future chats will focus on Amanda Knox, DSK, Alexander Litvinenko, and the Lindbergh kidnapping. The series will be powered by Shindig, an interactive platform for large scale video events, allowing attendees to share the stage with the speaker or mingle with other participants online. The discussions will be free, but are limited to the first 800 RSVPs who sign up.

For a taste of where the discussions might go, see the below clip of Epstein’s recent conversation at the Washington Newseum, in conversation with the museum’s vice chairman Shelby Coffey.



Kelly Burdick is the executive editor of Melville House.