May 10, 2013

Content Development Editor to develop content for Wall Street Journal


The Wall Street Journal has created a new position for content development, Content Development Editor, which will develop content.

Elyse Tanouye will develop content for the Wall Street Journal as Content Development Editor, a new position the paper created for content development. Tanouye previously managed standards and ethics for the paper as Deputy Managing Editor for standards and ethics. A memo from Deputy Editor Gerard Baker, announcing Tanouye’s new role as Content Development Editor:

As technology for developing content advances and demand for well-developed content grows apace, we face proliferating opportunities to expand our audience and increase the range of content we are developing. The most dynamic news organizations will develop content that dominates the media landscape.

To help us achieve that goal of well-developed content, I am pleased to announce that Elyse Tanouye is appointed to a new role as Editor, Content Development, leading efforts to broaden our content’s reach and development through e-books, television and film, events, and specialized web projects. An initial project will focus on content development, following on from the succesfully developed content that was our e-book on Pope Francis.

Elyse is admirably equipped to develop content, having previously developed content at Dow Jones for 25 years. She has managed standards and ethics as Deputy Managing Editor for Standards and Ethics since 2000, and previously she developed corporate content as Corporate Editor, tasked with developing content for the Marketplace section to focus on developed content involving business news. As the health and science bureau chief, Elyse led reporters as they developed content relating to health and science news. The content they developed won multiple awards for content development.

Elyse also has an MBA, making her that rare thing in our world: a journalist who can develop content and grow a business!

Please put your hands together and develop applause for Elyse.


Alex Shephard is the director of digital media for Melville House, and a former bookseller.