October 31, 2014

Goosebumps author R.L. Stine pens scary story on Twitter


R. L. Stine (via Wikipedia)

R. L. Stine (via Wikipedia)

R.L. Stine, the popular author of the children’s horror series Goosebumps, has written his latest tale on Twitter. The appropriately titled “What’s In My Sandwich,” which gracefully unfolds in just 14 tweets, follows an unnamed protagonist who finds gross things in a sandwich he orders at a diner. He begins, “People call me a loser, but that’s going to change. I was in a little diner downtown and I ordered an egg salad sandwich…”

Stine makes apt use of the medium. As one can see in his first tweet, the Calling All Creeps! author lets his ellipsis convey foreboding and build tension between tweets. He employs this method throughout the whole story to wonderful, spooky results.

This isn’t the first time R.L. Stine has used Twitter as a vehicle to spin a creepy yarn. Around this time in 2012, Stine tweeted a story about a farmer named Yost (guess what it rhymes with!), who plants pumpkin seeds and terrifies people.

The folks over at The Guardian have suggested a Twitter challenge in response to “What’s In My Sandwich?”: Write a story scarier than Stine’s, in no more than fifteen installments, in, of course, 140 characters or less. The Guardian plans to publish their favorite of the scary stories. You can keep up to date with that challenge here.

If you would like to participate in the challenge (always recommended), just include the hashtag #GdnScaryTales to your story.