August 28, 2012

MobyLives, even in August


This August, as Melville House gears up for an eventful fall season — which includes our 10th anniversary celebration and the launch of a brand new list of titles — MobyLives is taking a bit of a breather. But that doesn’t mean we’ll cease posting altogether.

During the next couple of weeks we’ll run select features — maybe a short story or poem, maybe a dispatch from one of our translators or commentary from booksellers — as well as remain ever-lively on Twitter and Facebook. Look too for weekend exclusives and other specials on our books, t-shirts, and bags.

We are also taking this time to improve the blog and publishing sides of our Web site. Come September, dear reader, in addition to the wonderful selection of books you’ll be able to explore, you will also be privy to a new and improved version of, featuring more of the pointed, informative, and entertaining discussions we hope you have come to enjoy, only now with key visual tweaks we think will make your reading experience that much better.

Happy August to you all!