January 22, 2013

Incredible movable bookshelves


Korean designer Sehoon Lee has designed a bookshelf that’s nothing short of amazing. Part Rubik’s Cube, part kaleidoscope, this thing is beautiful and surely the object of every book nerd’s desire. Lee posted photos of his creation last year, but I only stumbled upon it recently, through a post on the design blog Design/Milk.

The shelving system can be arranged as a simple 3×3 grid if you want to keep things basic, but the pieces are all hinged together so that you can move them around into more interesting and complex shapes. It’s hard to explain exactly how it all works, so Lee has created a (very short) video of the bookshelf in action:

On his site, Lee explains the concept of “squaring” that inspired the design:

Squaring is the work that shows mutual relationships between the human body and furniture. Users are offered something dynamic and flexible designed by this furniture Disequilibrium. This unbalance is caused by different weights of various users, which yields new shapes every time. Ironically, the imbalance of weight creates a dynamic state of equilibrium on Squaring.

He also has a photo of the various shapes the shelves can make:

I personally think the arrangement in the middle of the left-hand column is the coolest one, though of course the advantage to a movable piece like this is that if you get bored of one setup, you can just give it a spin, and you’ll have a brand new set of shelves.



Nick Davies is a publicist at Melville House.