September 17, 2010

Into the lion’s den, or is it Alladin’s cave?


Jon Stewart contemplates his apponent.

Jon Stewart contemplates his opponent.

What feats of derring-do won’t authors with a new book out not try? Just contemplating this latest sends chills down my spine. Joe Flint, on the Los Angeles Times Show Tracker blog reports that doughty and stout-of-heart Jon Stewart will single-handedly appear on the O’Reilly Factor to promote his new book Earth: The Book, September 22nd.

According to Flint, “Stewart last went on O’Reilly’s show in February. The two debated how Fox News covers the Obama administration, and the episode drew big ratings.”

Lest we fear for hardy young Jon in this latest match-up, Flint points out: “While the two may be on opposite ends of the political spectrum, there are no enemies when you have a book to promote … Since O’Reilly is giving Stewart access to his audience to promote his book, Stewart will return the favor. According to O’Reilly’s website, Stewart will have the Fox News host on The Daily Show on Sept. 27.”

Sounds pretty chummy, actually. Book sales make gentlemen of us all. Just ask Jonathan Franzen and Oprah.

Valerie Merians is the co-founder and co-publisher of Melville House.