February 25, 2014

Jack Higgins’s eagle has landed


Jack Higgins is a best-selling English writer known for gripping thrillers like The Eagle has Landed, the Angel of Death, and… A Little Friendly Orgy? Fans of Higgins’s work would describe it in many ways, but probably not as “erotic,” so it came as a surprise to readers when erotic fiction by Jack Higgins started appearing on Amazon.

It turns out another author has been publishing very different titles under the name of Jack Higgins, the Guardian reported yesterday. The books, with titles like His Best Friend’s Ex-Wife and Threesome Story #2: the Doctors, were self-published on Amazon or published through Dark Hole Press. While the titles don’t make them sound like your run of the mill thriller, Amazon added to the author confusion when all of the erotic Higgins books were listed under the author page for the original Jack Higgins on Monday morning, and his biography was even used for His Best Friend’s Ex-Wife.

One of these things is not like the others

One of these things is not like the others

This left some readers disappointed, thinking that this “complete waste of time,”as one reviewer described it, had been written by the same author of many fast-paced thrillers. Other reviewers complained “X-rated stories can sometimes be very fun and interesting, but in this case, Higgens just wrote soppy romance and boring sex scenes” and that “By Jack Higgins past standards I found this book shallow, anoying with no story.”

At least one customer was pleased: Amazon user kris described the book as being “sexy” and went on to say “good read. well written and detailed. makes you want to find an ex-wife and have your way with her. read it” So far, 0 out of 2 customers found this helpful.

Amazon has since corrected the real Higgins’s page and and removed his biography from His Best Friend’s Ex-Wife, which should clear up most of the confusion.