December 3, 2013

Jackie Collins honored by Queen Elizabeth for her writing career


Jackie Collins was the recipient of the OBE from Queen Elizabeth.

Jackie Collins was the recipient of the OBE from Queen Elizabeth.

Author Jackie Collins was at Buckingham Palace this week to receive a special honor from Queen Elizabeth II for her prolific writing career, as well as her charity work. Collins was bestowed with the Order of the British Empire, an order of chivalry given out to recognize personal achievement or service to the UK.

The Daily Mail’s Deborah Arthurs wrote about the ceremony, particularly how the queen sidestepped discussing the content of the notoriously raunchy Collins’s books. Rather than dishing about novels like The Stud or Poor Little Bitch Girl, Queen Elizabeth stuck to polite pleasantries, saying “It’s quite something to write books,” to which the bestselling author replied, “Yes, especially for a school dropout.” Collins later added, “I was wondering what she was going to say to me because most women say ‘Oh you taught me everything I know about sex, I used to read my mum’s copy under the covers in bed,’ but I don’t think she would say that to me.” Not surprising, of course, but how great would it have been if the queen had wanted to chat about Hollywood Wives?

In a video interview for the Daily Mail, Collins talks about her most recent work, a YA novel about her most famous character, Lucky Santangelo, as a teenager; she also has a Lucky Santangelo cookbook coming out before the end of the year.

“[I’m] never gonna slow down!” she insists emphatically in that same interview, “No, never. I’ll be 103, and I’ll be sitting there with a pen in my hand writing yet another book. Because I’ve written thirty books, and I want to write…well, maybe fifty, I don’t know. I’ll keep going, you know.”


Nick Davies is a publicist at Melville House.