November 17, 2014

Jane Austen hit the streets of Bath last week


On Friday, November 7th, the Jane Austen Centre uploaded a video to their YouTube channel featuring Jane Austen enthusiastically exploring the streets of modern day Bath. What cheer!

The clip, called “Jane’s Day Out,” opens with Martin Salter (who works for the Jane Austen Centre) casting some sort of spell on a statue of Jane Austen. The spell works, and the statue magically comes to life, played by Lauren Thompson. Jane spends her day happily roaming the picturesque streets, parks, squares, and alleys of Bath. Jane drops by a bookstore and purchases a book. Sadly, it’s not The Jane Austen Rules. She walks by a bearded guy playing an acoustic guitar and gives him some money! She does some cool dance moves. She gets a delicious-looking ice cream cone, then skips through a field, then briefly swings on a swing set. She rides an awesome double-decker bus holding–yes, you guessed it–a parasol. She returns from whence she came and becomes a statue once more.

But my words don’t quite do it justice. Watch the video yourself, here.