May 10, 2012

Steam punk fests on the rise, and our J.C. Valtat with them


Tomorrow afternoon the author of Aurorarama (and its forthcoming sequel: Luminous Chaos), the learned Jean-Christophe Valtat, will make his way by “transaerian psychomotive” airship to Boston for a three-day steampunk festival. Over the next two weeks Jean-Christophe will be at two such festivals, as well as a pair of wonderful bookstore events.

You are now asking yourself where one might aim their goggles in order to behold one, or more, or all of these wonderful appearances. And we are now providing the answers.

Below is a complete rundown of Jean-Christophe’s itinerary while in the United States, with links to each festival.


The Watch City Steampunk Festival
Waltham, MA
May 11th – 13th

Jean-Christophe is the guest of honor at this year’s Watch City Festival. A book launch party followed by musical entertainment (the retro stylings of Frenchy and The Punk and synth-pop deluxe of The Infernal Devices) is being hosted at the Watch City Brewery on Friday night. Saturday at 1 PM Jean-Christophe gives the Keynote Address for the festival at the The Charles River Museum of Industry & Innovation.

There’s more still, as Jean-Christophe sits down with Steampunk Magazine editor Margaret Killjoy for a lively defense of the genre itself. There’s more, which you can find details about right here.


Steampunk Storms The Harvard Coop
Cambridge, MA
Monday, May 14
7 PM

Join Jean-Christophe Valtat for a discussion of steampunk and the first novel in his New Venice trilogy, Aurorarama, at the Harvard Coop. You’re going to want to be there when the Ivy League goes steampunk.

More details can be found here.

Salon’s Laura Miller In Discussion with Jean-Christophe Valtat @ BookCourt
Brooklyn, NY
Thursday, May 17th

What more do you want? Laura Miller (The Magician’s Book) matches wits with Jean-Christophe Valtat at a legendary Brooklyn bookstore. They will define and discuss the concept of steampunk as a genre, among many other entertaining ideas about writing and science fiction.

For details please go here.

The Steampunk World’s Fair
May 18 – 20, 2012
Piscataway Township, NJ

The grande finale… Three days of steampunk, philosophy, aesthetics and absinthe. Jean-Christophe is taking part in banquets, toasts, high teas and at least five or so discussion panels, not to mention hosting a discussion or two of his own.

You’re going to need tickets to this clockwork extravaganza, which you can find here (make sure you select ones that include the absinthe tasting).

For more information on Jean-Christophe’s presence at the World’s Fair please go here.

Now… All you need is a cunning sword-cane and a pair of second sight goggles.

Paul Oliver is the marketing manager of Melville House. Previously he was co-owner of Wolfgang Books in Philadelphia.