February 29, 2012

Join us at AWP in Chicago


We’re taking AWP by storm, with a special 10th Anniversary party hosted by STOP SMILING on Friday, March 2nd that will run from 9pm until…

We’re doing more than just party however, and below is a listing of all Melville House related events at AWP. Otherwise you can catch us on the book floor: We’re Booth #427 in the North-West book floor. And we’ll be there throughout AWP.

The Business of Publishing Your Novel with an Independent Press: Author and Publisher Perspectives
Dennis Johnson, Joe Meno, Adam Levin, Christopher Boucher, Leigh Stein

Thursday, March 1st
9am to 10:15
Wiliford C
Hilton Chicago
3rd Floor

Melville House publisher and co-founder Dennis Johnson leads a practical discussion of the publishing process with four authors in various stages of their literary careers: Joe Meno has 7 books since 1999, Adam Levin’s first novel was a 2010 critical hit, and Christopher Boucher (How To Keep Your Volkswagen Alive) and Leigh Stein (The Fallback Plan) have debut novels appearing in 2011 and 2012. Topics include: acquisitions, editing, big-house vs. indies, publicity, marketing, tours, social-networking, and the changing role of the author.

Ten Years of Literary Politics: Is there still room and interest in the new marketplace?
Dennis Johnson, Valerie Merians, Jessa Crispin

Thursday, March 1st
10:30am to 11:45am
Wiliford C
Hilton Chicago
3rd Floor

Jessa Crispin, founder of the seminal lit-blog Bookslut, leads a discussion with Melville House founders Valerie Merians and Dennis Johnson on the challenges and importance of publishing political literature in a changing industry. Topics explored include: books of longform cultural and political rhetoric in the age of the internet, the specific demands of political publishing, and the dedication to activism in the arts.

“Trafficking Languages and Cultures Through Translation”
Mukoma wa Ngugi, Kadija Sesay, Kennedy Waliaua, Jeffrey Renard Allen

Thursday, March 1st
International House, University of Chicago

Join St. Petersburg Review and the 57th Street Bookstore for a historic reading and discussion of African literature: Mukoma wa Ngugi (Nairobi Heat), Kadija Sesay, Kennedy Waliaua and Jeffrey Renard Allen. Moderators: Tom Burke and Elizabeth Hodges.

Hope to see you there!

Paul Oliver is the marketing manager of Melville House. Previously he was co-owner of Wolfgang Books in Philadelphia.