December 3, 2010

KVML is shaping up


Via Matt Sledge‘s post and slide show over at the Huffington Post, we learned that the Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library is well on its way to being ready to open full time next year. (The library’s url website icon–yes, the asshole–is without a doubt in the running for the year’s best.)

The KVML opened in Vonnegut’s hometown of Indianapolis, IN, back in November with limited, weekend-only hours. But now it seems the collection is filling up with plenty of Vonnegut’s personal effects, including the purple heart he received as a reconnaissance scout in World War II, a Nazi sword he picked up during the war, and his typewriter among others, and it will up and running at regular hours come January 29, 2011.

For some reason, I can’t get over this pic of his glasses: