June 9, 2011

Lady saves 350,000 books from being burned. Now considering burning them herself.



Old house bought to store old books

(Via Shelf Awareness, via CBC) When a neighbor threatened to burn her deceased husband’s collection of 350,000 books, bibliophile Shuanna Raycraft of Saskatchewan offered to rescue them. After 9 months she and her husband managed to move the hundreds of boxes of books to their house, but now they don’t know what to do with them all.

“We’re talking 30 tonnes of books. The weight of the books is pulling the house apart.”

We have three kids and no time. And no money. And so we’re at the point now where were looking at having to burn some of the books ourselves.”

The Raycrafts even bought a dilapidated house and moved it to their property as a place to store the books. She “has no idea how much the entire collection is worth but is looking for suggestions as to what to do with it.”