March 12, 2013

Lambda Awards finalists announced


The Lambda Literary Foundation announced its nominations last week for the Lambda Literary Awards, celebrating its twenty-fifth anniversary of recognizing the best and most notable LGBT writing of the year. With 687 submissions from “major mainstream publishers, from academic presses, from both long-established and new LGBT publishers, as well as from emerging publish-on-demand technologies,” as per a press release from the LLF, the awards have set a record for the fourth consecutive year in terms of number of entries and publishers.

The nominees for the awards — known as the “Lammys” — are chosen by more than 90 literary professionals, including booksellers, critics, librarians, authors, and previous Lammy winners. For the first time this year, the judges were encouraged by the LLF to choose additional finalists in categories with lots of submissions. Tony Valenzuela, the Lambda Literary Executive Director, praised the hard work by the team of judges, saying, “The Lammy Awards are made possible, year after year, because of the dedication of volunteer judges who read, carefully consider, and deliberate on submitted books before selecting our finalists. Because of their efforts, and the exceptional work by LLF’s new Awards Administrator, Kathleen DeBold, this day is a celebration of our community’s finest literature.”

The categories themselves are divided between gay, lesbian, transexual, and general LGBT works, and into genres including memoir, poetry, sci-fi/fantasy/horror, drama, and debut fiction and nonfiction. The full list is included in the LLF’s press release, and you can purchase tickets for the Lammy Awards reception, ceremony, and after-party—on June 3, at the Great Hall at Cooper Union in New York—on their website.



Nick Davies is a publicist at Melville House.