July 26, 2010

Lee Rourke’s THE CANAL taking London by storm


Last week Melville House debut author Lee Rourke celebrated the publication of his book The Canal in his adopted hometown of London, with a packed (and hot) party at the To Hell With Publishing bookstore. Meanwhile Lee has been picking up speed both online and in print.

Stuart Evers at the Independent called The Canal:

“[A] thoughtful, occasionally disturbing and curiously affecting debut novel…. While unreservedly a novel of discourse and digression, The Canal also understands that tension and intrigue are just as important as literary devices. It’s this careful balance that makes for a refreshing, memorable and powerful novel – and one that confirms Rourke as a writer of exceptional promise.”

3:AM Magazine (who also interviewed Rourke here) wrote that The Canal is “achingly thought-provoking and beautiful… It feels right-up-to-the-minute and urgent.”

John Self over at Asylum had this to say (after a lovely Melville House shout-out):

“A novel which forces the reader to engage with the book on its own terms… its rarity, its persistence – its brevity – make it a valuable addition to that shelf of books which tackle real life, our daily existence, head-on, rather than wrapping it in the distracting ribbons of so much fiction.”

So congratulations Lee! And why do we think this is just the beginning? Oh yeah, because the critics keep telling us so …..