May 21, 2012

Library book slasher on the loose in Chapel Hill


In Chapel Hill, NC, the public library is a quiet place where you can track down your latest interests or peacefully read the latest novel. But that quiet has been disturbed recently. According to this report on WCHL radio’s Chapelboro website,  some one has been slashing pages out of the libraries books. “An individual is apparently slashing books with a razor blade attached to their palm,” Library Director Katy Thompson told the the site.

The culprit has caused approximately $800 in damages to the library’s collection. Thompson says library officials are taking several steps to try to apprehend the person responsible. “We’ve put up that wanted poster in the library, and we have asked the Friends of the Library to help us with a $100 reward to try to catch this person.”

The Chapel Hill Public Library has had to deal with individuals damaging books before. According to Thompson, “There’s an individual, for example, that we can’t seem to catch, who likes to correct grammar in books. That’s a problem, because grammatical errors are part of the character that’s doing the speaking.”

Thompson is asking library patrons to help nab the offenders. If you see any untoward behavior, please report it to the person at the circulation desk.


Valerie Merians is the co-founder and co-publisher of Melville House.