July 19, 2013

Melville House UK at Copeland Book Market


This week, from Thursday to Sunday, Copeland Book Market, an annual platform for print and publishing, is back for another long summer weekend of books, art and music. We’re excited that this year Melville House UK is exhibiting, and I’ll be selling a special selection of our books from Thursday to Saturday. The mini-festival will be held in the 10-storey Peckham Rye car park, a location best known for the sculpture park, Bold Tendencies, and Frank’s Café, a rooftop bar offering spectacular views of the city.

From Lewis Chaplin, one of the organisers of the Book Market:

The first market was started as a way of bringing together many of the diverse practitioners working within independent publishing in the London area – in a relaxed, conversational and enjoyable manner… The main intentions for the market are still very much in keeping with this — to facilitate a more engaging and equal ground for publishers and the public to interact and converse, exchanging more than just money and objects.

And why Peckham?

Out of the team of six behind Copeland, Peckham has been important for us all on various different levels. The friendliness and community of the area lends a sincerity and enthusiasm to projects — plus a support network of peers all doing interesting things, more often than not collaboratively makes it an exciting space to live and work in. Bold Tendencies as an organisation represents all of these qualities, as well as providing a unique location to experiment with expanding the idea of a book market beyond four white stuffy walls.

A whole host of independent publishers big and small will be selling their books throughout a weekend of events including the launch of the new issue of The White Review and Joshua Cohen in conversation with Leo Robson, as well as a variety of film screenings, music and performance. At the heart of the market will be the Copeland Central Café, which will host an ‘ongoing recording project’. Throughout the market, spontaneous and organised recordings will be taken, culminating in a final live performance at sunset on Sunday.

There will also be a ‘strawditorium’. Seeing is believing.

Come and talk to me about Melville House books, be recorded, and have a drink on a rooftop. See you there.

The Copeland Book Market
18-21 July
Thursday & Friday 5-9pm
Saturday & Sunday 1-7pm
@ Bold Tendancies, 95A Rye Lane, London, SE15 4ST

You can see a few photos from the event below:

Zeljka Marosevic is the managing director of Melville House UK.