April 25, 2011

Moby Awards revisited: best performance by an author


The Pulitzer, the Booker, the NBCC, and NBA—there’s a glut of literary book prizes to be had. But only ONE PRIZE is awarded each year to the best book trailer. That’s right, the Moby Awards are back and open for submission. What was the best book trailer of 2010? What was the bloodiest? Which was the biggest waste of money? Our red-carpet award ceremony is mere months away… and then the truth will be revealed.

As we wait with bated breath, let’s revisit the “winners” of last year’s Moby Awards, and relive the glory and shame.

The award for “Best Performance by an Author” went to Head Case by Dennis Cass. Not only is it a good performance, it shows the plight of the modern author faced with the awful, shameful, necessary task of publicizing his own book:

YouTube, of course! Because, you know, that’s the dream. Because 20 years ago when I wanted to become a writer, a big part of the dream was to put little videos on the internet. That’s it. That’s why we do this.