May 25, 2012

MobyLives Coverage: DOJ vs Publishers


Image credit: CBS News

We’ve been keeping a close watch on the case between the Department of Justice and five of the Big Six Publishers. If you’re after more context than the latest headline, here’s a roundup of our complete coverage, listed in chronological order as the news broke.

March 9, 2012: Justice Dept. finally does something about predatory pricing in the book biz by announcing it’s suing … Apple and the publishers?

March 12, 2012: More revelations concerning the DOJ’s cunning plan to put an end to predatory practices by punishing everyone except the predator

March 12, 2012: Authors Guild head (and attorney) Scott Turow warns DOJ about the effects of law suit

March 13, 2012: Rushdie accuses DOJ of “wanting to destroy the world of books”

April 2, 2012: DOJ, Apple, and five of the Big Six close to settlement in case that will authorize Amazon as government-approved monopoly

April 5, 2012: Penguin, Macmillan, and Apple said to be holding out from settlement with DOJ

April 9, 2012: Coalition grows in support of publishers vs. Amazon: ABA tells DOJ don’t end agency

April 10, 2012: Regional bookseller associations join fight against DOJ support of Amazon

April 12, 2012:  DOJ sues publishers, and John Sargent leads the resistance — again

April 13, 2012: How do you respond when the government not only protects a monopoly, but prosecutes its opponents?

April 16, 2012: DOJ still missing mark, but manages to hit B&N hard

April 16, 2012: Everyone now agrees: Amazon was a monopoly

April 18, 2012: The “Amazon Problem” comes to the LBF

April 19, 2012: How to fight the DOJ: a possible defense


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