February 10, 2015

Our official Winter Institute checklist




Right now Melville House is at the ABA Winter Institute for the very first time! It’s a big deal to attend such a major bookselling/publishing event, and we’re collectively stoked to see all of you at Malaprop’s Bookstore this evening, where the inimitable Lynne Truss will be reading from her new novel Cat Out Of Hell.

But while Winter Institute is exciting and glamorous, there’s a lot of intense prep work that goes into attending. So for your edification and reading pleasure, here’s our supply list.

Demonic cats (herded)

Hobnobbing suits (white linen)

Official Melville House Selfie Harpoon™

Simmering murder conspiracies

Fresh Yeezy Boosts (3 pair)

Ribald “Go Set A Watchman” puns

Galleys and galley-TARS

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 4.02.44 PMgalleytars







Awareness of shelves

Joyce-obsessed detectives

Thinky jokes with poignant punchlines

ABA Members Only jacket

The very first Espresso Book Machine ever made


Unseasonable outerwear

Unreasonable outerwear

Unhinged rants

The only thing that has ever made French people happy

Horror stories about [REDACTED [but we all know who I’m talking about]]

Subterranean rogue architects and world-dominating pop stars

Cards Against Humanity, Melville Signature Deck™


















Collusion repellant

“Publisher’s little helper”

All triplicate everything

A copy of Heads In Beds with a Post-it at the part where it tells you how to drain the minibar without getting billed

The only thing that can and will save us all

Books, I guess

Liam O'Brien is the Sales & Marketing Manager at Melville House, and a former bookseller.