April 4, 2014

Russell Brand to write “Trickster Tales,” wants to change “the way children see the world”


Russell Brand is already a bestselling author, of memoirs Booky Wook and Booky Wook 2. (In fact, the last time we checked in on him, those books were being banned from the Guantanamo library.) Last month a new book was announced, to be published in the UK, that will “tackle his views on ecology, rioting and ‘the total mistrust of politicians.’” Now he’s ready to expand his publishing reach even further, as it was announced he has signed a contract for a series of children’s books.

An illustration by Chris Riddell, tweeted by Russell Brand

An illustration by Chris Riddell, tweeted by Russell Brand

The series, published by Atria, will be called Russell Brand’s Trickster Tales, and will be illustrated by Chris Riddell, who has done political cartoons for The Observer.  According to a video Brand posted on YouTube, the first in the series will be “The Pied Piper of Hamelin.” From the BBC:

In the video, Brand reads from the beginning of the story: “Once upon a time, long ago, in a time that seemed to those present, exactly like now, except their teeth weren’t so clean and more things were wooden, there was a town called Hamelin.”

He adds: “It’s the first of a series called Russell Brand’s Trickster Tales, where I do interpretations of fairy stories and folk tales, believing them to be the code to unlock aspects of our consciousness, and to affect and impact the way that we see the world.

“Once we start changing the way children see the world… we can do all sorts of stuff.”

On April 1, after the video went up, Brand tweeted: “The Pied Piper of Hamelin went from pest control to child abduction on the basis of unpaid fees.”

He’s going straight for your childrens’ minds, so depending on how you feel about Brand, it’s time to either lock ’em up, or get them library cards. The first book is due this fall.


Julia Fleischaker is the director of marketing and publicity at Melville House.