April 5, 2012

SLIDE SHOW: The private world of great writers


The website Apartment Therapy has posted a slideshow of fifteen writers’ bedrooms, many of which are an interesting reflection of the authors’ works and personalities. Victor Hugo’s apartment on Paris‘ luxurious Place des Vosges is lush and dramatic; as Apartment Therapy puts it, “all that you would expect from a writer heavily influenced by the Romanticism movement.” Henry David Thoreau’s 10×15-foot home is unsurprisingly sparse, with the barest of essentials. Marcel Proust, plagued by asthma and severe allergies, had every opening in his room sealed off or covered, and the walls and ceilings covered in cork to keep outside dust and noise from entering. And William Faulkner’s office is covered with his outline for the plot of The Fable, shellacked to preserve them.

You can see those examples and some others here–the full slideshow of all fifteen rooms is on Apartment Therapy.

Nick Davies is a publicist at Melville House.