April 30, 2014

State attorneys say Apple is “stonewalling” and other news that deserves a yawn


Not much news from Apple (photo via Shutterstock).

Waiting for more news from Apple to load (photo via Shutterstock).

The U.S. vs. Apple trial was granted a temporary administrative stay last week, and so little is happening right now. We are all just sitting on our hands, feeling a little sick about how bad things look for Apple. The company knows its chances aren’t good, and its best bet is to keep buying time.

Thirty-three state attorneys think Apple is “blatantly stonewalling,” according to Publishers Weekly. The motion from the state attorneys says:

“What Apple really wants is to delay its damages trial at all costs, and it knows that if it can bait this Court into granting any sort of stay—even a short administrative stay—Apple can blow up the trial date that marks the culmination of years’ worth of district-court litigation. This Court should not countenance such gamesmanship.”

Apple attorneys say, “Given that plaintiffs seek to notify millions of current or prospective Apple customers that they may have been subjected to a price-fixing scheme. Apple’s reputation would be damaged by this class notice in a way that cannot be repaired.”

We’ll have to repeat that quote to you at least a dozen times before the trial begins on July 14. No doubt Apple’s lawyers will keep fighting for another stay. They probably won’t get one.

No news does not feel like good news. No news feels like it shouldn’t be news in the first place.

In the meantime, Apple is wrapping up another case, this one against Samsung. Apple is asking for $2.191 billion in damages, and Samsung wants $6.2 million. These court cases are so exciting, Apple just can’t get enough of them. (Cue the Jeopardy theme song until July.)


Kirsten Reach is an editor at Melville House.