Moby-Dick, the card game Moby-Dick, the card game

Moby-Dick, the BBC historical drama; Moby-Dick, the interactive sing-along theatrical production; Moby-Dick, the beer; Moby-Dick, the felted version? Chalk up one more adaption for Herman Melville’s novel: Moby-Dick, the cardRead more »

Whale words Whale words

The word “whale” occurs 1,685 times in Herman Melville’s Moby-Dick. “Elijah” is there 15 times, “Ahab” 512, and “harpoon” 256 times. I know this not from dutiful reading, but becauseRead more »

The Annotated Moby-Dick The Annotated Moby-Dick

GalleyCat reported yesterday on a project that’s looking to produce an annotated edition of Moby-Dick, with a campaign on Kickstarter to raise the funds to publish it. Chris Routledge is theRead more »