January 23, 2012

The Am-Hole Quiz


Perhaps not so surprising, as they haven’t exactly been good neighbors to the book community, but: A Seattle TV station reports that residents of the Emerald City neighborhood where Amazon.com has moved its headquarters (remember the “Fortress of Doom“?) are not happy, and in fact have concocted a series of “nasty” nicknames for the Amazonians suddenly amongst them.

According to a story by reporter Linda Brill of King 5 News,

The thousands of people who work at Amazon are sometimes called Amazoids or Amazonians, but now there’s a new name spreading, helped by some yellow flyers posted on light poles.

Am-holes. The definition of an Am-hole is outlined in a quiz on the flyer, but generally pegs employees as uppity snobs.

That’s a shot of the flyer on the right.

Of course, not everyone agrees with this assessment. A delivery guy for a local sandwich shop tells Brill that people from Amazon are buying sandwiches like crazy, and “I love them for it. I even said, ‘Thank God for Amazon.com’ at Thanksgiving this year.”


Dennis Johnson is the founder of MobyLives, and the co-founder and co-publisher of Melville House.