May 14, 2010

They may wait… but half of the world is planning on buying an e-reader


Big Money reports that Boston Consulting Group has just released the results of a 14-country survey that polled some 13,000 people about their “desires for e-readers.” According to the consultancy’s press release, “28 percent of all respondents — and 51 percent of those familiar with the devices — plan to purchase an e-reader or tablet. Within three years, 49 percent of all respondents — 73 percent of those familiar with the devices — plan a purchase.”

“The ideal device is $200 and gives users access to e-mail, video, books, magazines, and subscription content like newspapers,” reports Big Money, which also notes some possible bad news for Apple’s iBookstore and Amazon‘s Kindle: “Consumers want to be able to buy content from multiple sources. They don’t want to be locked into the iTunes store, though it doesn’t clarify whether consumers consider apps a different source or the same one because they’re purchased through iTunes.”

Kelly Burdick is the executive editor of Melville House.