April 28, 2005

Thus does feminism stride into the new millennium: Chick Lit author to shill for "girlie" wine . . .


“Not to be outdone by Victoria’s Secret, laundry detergent and countless other products, the ‘girlie’ wine has dawned, dressed in gift bags resembling see-through organza negligees and bearing cosmetics-counter names like Seduction or hip-cute ones like Rosé the Riveter or Mad Housewife,” according to a New York Times report by Patricia Leigh Brown. And what’s the best way to promote what the Times dubs “Chick Lit Wine”? With a Chick Lit author, it seems. In Her Shoes author Jennifer Weiner will judge a writing contest and help promote White Lie Early Season Chardonnay, a wine specially-made for women — it’s made from “grapes that have been picked early, when the sugar content is lower,” so that it’s low-cal, and it’s then “further ‘de-alcoholized’ to 9.8 percent,” so that it’s low-alcohol. In addition, the bottle has a “pedicure-red label” with “romance-novel cursive lettering — to flaunt on supermarket shelves.” Meanwhile, Eric Asimov, the Times’ wine critic, calls White Lie “wan and diluted.”

Dennis Johnson is the founder of MobyLives, and the co-founder and co-publisher of Melville House.